Let's Get Your Company Running on Your Salesforce

We'll take the power of Salesforce and make it your own

What to Expect from Your Salesforce Implementation

Meet, learn, discover, and design

We'll kick off your Salesforce implementation by meeting with you and your team to figure out where you're trying to go. We then figure out where you're at by watching your team operate in their natural habitat. Finally we create a Salesforce design to close the gap.

Build, demo, iterate, and release

Once you approve the design we'll go to work building in phases. After finishing each phase we'll demo the system, and get your feedback. Based on that feedback we'll make any needed changes. We repeat this process until all phases are complete, and then we release.

Train, launch, and train again

With Salesforce, one training is hardly enough. We'll do group training with your team before launch day to give them an overview, and teach the basics. Then, a week after launch, we'll train each department or role on how best to use Salesforce to accomplish their objectives.

"We were really struggling with donor management, and keeping track of fund raising activities before Charles, and his team helped us implement Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack!"

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